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The Chris White Experience Presents


(Sunfish Records) Release date: 24th September 2021

Cat: CWP001CD

In 1975 the band Sparrow were riding high. They were winners of the TV talent show ‘New Faces’ and had just signed a record deal with the legendary Gerry Bron. Chris White (from The Zombies) had agreed to produce their album, and Mike Moran was on board as musical director. Comprised of five members – John Milton, Tom Marshall, Tony Harding, Stuart Calver, and Brian Hudson, the band were on the cusp of their big break.  


The musicians in Sparrow were all successful in their own right. They had been sourced from flourishing bands (Tony Rivers and the Castaways, Harmony Grass, The Symbols) and would later go on to work with an array of musical artists (Cliff Richard, Bucks Fizz, Liquid Gold, Steve Harley, Al Stewart, Shakin’ Stevens, Roger Daltrey). Individually they had been managed by Brian Epstein’s NEMS company, by Mickie Most at RAK, and performed for The Beatles at their Christmas party. What stood them apart was being a close harmony group who played their own instruments, and arranged their songs. With TV recognition, a record deal, and an album to record, the future looked bright.


Recording sessions for the album began during early 1975 at London’s CBS Recording Studios. Made up of great songs and performances (including one by a guesting Hank Marvin on Amateur Days In The Band) 15 tracks were completed and presented to Bronze Records for release. Headlining and supporting tours were arranged during this time (Gene Pitney, Shirley Bassey) and two singles were released. Despite radio play for both ‘Celebration’ and ‘Oh Doctor’ (which reached number 99 on the chart) the lack of any promotional budget from the label doomed them to commercial failure. Sparrow were informed by both Bronze Records and their management company that they were no longer needed. The Chris White produced album was shelved, never listened to again. Until now.  


The Chris White Experience Presents - Sparrow features 15 tracks remastered from the original analogue tapes, and is part of the Chris White catalogue containing over 50 years of hidden musical history.


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01 – Celebration 


02 – It’s Alright Now  


03 – All My Love 


04 – Take It Easy 


05 – Oh Doctor   


06 – Burning Bridges  


07 – Amateur Days In The Band 


08 – Venus 


09 – Catch Sorrow 


10 – I’m Afraid 


11 – Eli’s Coming 


12 – Fifty Fifty  


13 – She Didn’t Forget Her Shoes  


14 – Love 


15 – So Far So Good 

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