The Chris White Experience

Volume Four


(Sunfish Records)


Release date: 3rd July 2020 Cat: CWE004



In 2019 The Zombies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On stage with the rest of the band was Chris White; co-producer and writer of more than half of the seminal Odessey & Oracle album, composer of (the now standard) This Will Be Our Year and writer and co-producer of the worldwide hit Hold Your Head Up for Argent. His acceptance speech from the night, widely quoted in Rolling Stone, summarised the golden age of recording: “Music and songs are the bookmarks in all our lives, it’s the language that binds us all together”. The Chris White Experience is an incredible collection of unreleased and lost recordings from the last 50 years.


After The Zombies, Chris White has continued to write and produce records for a number of artists. Sessions that went on to become great albums (Colin Blunstone, Argent, Michael Fennelly, Doris Troy, Elaine Simmons) with further productions filled with unreleased material (Charlie Dore, Dire Straits, Moonstone). The popularity of his songwriting has been celebrated by many artists (Tom Petty, The Foo Fighters). This volume concentrates on another strand of Chris White’s career – the role of producer and his work with the songs of other great writers. The collection of productions, collaborations, and unreleased gems is the fourth in an acclaimed series detailing his work as a songwriter and producer between 1969-2019.


Most of these recordings have long been deleted, lost to the great musical archive, restored here to showcase the songwriting of Russ Ballard, Leon Russell, and Richard Myhill amongst others. The rest are unreleased or rare recordings featuring the incredible talents of Argent, Duffy Power, Colin Blunstone, and Marti Caine. Following on from the much-celebrated Volumes One, Two, and Three, it is a brilliant and vital document in the history of British music and analogue recording. 


The Chris White Experience - Volume Four features 12 tracks showcasing his considerable production catalogue, with so much more to discover. Find out more at:




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01 – Do You Want To Make Love (feat. Francie Conway)

        (R. Ballard) 1981

02 – Woman In Your Arms (feat. Marti Caine)

        (Ferrari/Pallavicini/Stellman) 1977

03 – Mr. Galileo (feat. Chris White)

        (R. Argent/C.White) 1968

04 – Oh Doctor (feat. Sparrow) 

        (R. Myhill) 1975

05 – Dancin’ Heatwave (feat. Dune) 

        (C. White) 1982

06 – Latino (feat. Sebastian Santa Maria)

        (S. Santa-Maria) 1996

07 – Hummingbird (feat. Duffy Power)

        (L. Russell) 1970

08 – Alexis, You’re A Circus (feat. Argent)

        (C. White) 1976

09 – I’ve Seen and Done It All (feat. Diana Dors)

        (D. Woods) 1978

10 – Ball and Chain (feat. Life)

        (R. Cotton) 1974

11 – Clockwork (feat. JJ White)

        (J. White) 2007

12 – New World (feat. Colin Blunstone) 

        (A. Nye/C. White) 1990

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