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The Chris White Experience

Volume Five


(Sunfish Records)


Release date: January 2021 Cat: CWE005



Chris White was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 as a member of, co-producer and songwriter for the legendary Zombies. Alongside Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone, Hugh Grundy and Paul Atkinson, he played on the hits She’s Not There and Time of the Season, co-produced the seminal Odessey & Oracle, and wrote the standard This Will Be Our Year. The Chris White Experience is a wonderful collection of unreleased and lost recordings from over the last 50 years. 

After the Zombies, Chris wrote and co-produced the worldwide hit Hold Your Head Up for Argent, produced three albums for Colin Blunstone, worked on countless sessions with diverse artists (Doris Troy, Michael Fennelly, Dire Straits, Charlie Dore) and continued to write and record his own catalogue of material. The popularity of his songwriting has been celebrated by many artists releasing music today (Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, Portugal. The Man). Volume Five of The Chris White Experience celebrates productions, collaborations, and hidden gems, detailing his work as a songwriter and producer from 1968 onwards. 


On this album Brian Cullman makes use of Mark Knopfler, Rod Argent, and Colin Blunstone on Safety. When I Was All Alone sees Colin Blunstone with his Journey era line-up on this previously unreleased Paul Williams number. Pete Brown and Ian Lynn work together on Friends From a Distance, an ideal song for Covid times. Duffy Power’s Love Song features a beautiful Rod Argent piano solo and Danny Thompson on double bass. Each track showcases a host of the finest musicians and the incredible collective talents, the majority of which have never been heard before. Following on from the celebrated Volumes 1-4, it is a brilliant and vital document in the history of British music and analogue recording.


The Chris White Experience - Volume Five features 12 tracks showcasing his considerable production catalogue, with so much more to discover. Find out more at:




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01 – Death of a Rock n Roll Star (feat. Michael Fennelly)

        (M. Fennelly) 1974

02 – Friends From a Distance (feat. Pete Brown)

        (I. Lynn/P. Brown) 1977

03 – Sharing Your Life (feat. Kevin Finn)

        (C.White) 1982

04 – Safety (feat. Brian Cullman)

        (B. Cullman) 1977

05 – Rain (feat. Bianca Kinane)

        (C. White/V. Boucherat/M. White) 2006

06 – When I Was All Alone (feat. Colin Blunstone)

        (P. Williams) 1973

07 – Take It Easy (feat. Sparrow)

        (C. White) 1975

08 – Love Song (feat. Duffy Power)

        (D. Power) 1970

09 – Security (feat. Diana Dors)

        (G. Illingworth/S. Whittingham) 1978

10 – Magic Carpet Ride (feat. Free Ferry)

        (T. Radazzo/V. Pike) 1968

11 – Chocolate Cake (feat. John Verity)

        (D. Jones/C. White) 1994

12 – Take Me Another Way Home (feat. Moonstone)

        (R. Cotton) 1975

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