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Volume Four CD + Pin Badge

Volume Four of The Chris White Experience


  • Exclusive Limited Edition Pin Badge
  • 12 songs from his career as a producer and songwriter
  • 22 page booklet with insights on the sessions
  • Exclusive artwork for each song
  • Performer and contributor line-ups
  • Remastered for Compact Disc from analogue


01 – Do You Wanna Make Love (Featuring Francie Conway)

02 – Woman In Your Arms (Featuring Marti Caine)

03 – Mr Galileo (Featuring Chris White)

04 – Oh Doctor (Featuring Sparrow)

05 –  Dancin' Heatwave (Featuring Dune)

06 – Latino (Featuring Sebastian Santa-Maria)

07 – Hummingbird (Featuring Duffy Power)

08 – Alexis, You’re A Circus (Featuring Argent)

09 – I’ve Seen And Done It All (Featuring Diana Dors)

10 – Ball And Chain (Featuring Life)

11 – Clockwork (Featuring JJ White)

12 – New World (Featuring The Zombies)




Volume Four CD + Pin Badge


    Free UK delivery, International available

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