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Volume Six CD + Pin Badge

Volume Six of The Chris White Experience


This new album contains unreleased songs from The Zombies, Argent, Marti Caine, Water and more. It also includes long-lost singles from Duffy Power and Francie Conway, and hosts three compositions by Chris White, including the new song The Circle Closes by Bianca Kinane. Following on from the celebrated Volumes 1-5, Volume Six also features artwork by Odessey & Oracle cover artist, Terry Quirk.


  • Exclusive Limited Edition Pin Badge
  • 12 songs from his career as a songwriter and producer
  • 22 page booklet with insights on the sessions
  • Exclusive artwork for each song
  • Performer and contributor line-ups
  • Remastered for Compact Disc from analogue


01 – Hellhound (feat. Duffy Power)
02 – High Windows (feat. The Zombies)
03 – To The Edge of Time (feat. Francie Conway)
04 – The Circle Closes (feat. Bianca Kinane)
05 – A Star Is Nearly Born (feat. Juice)
06 – Say Anything 2023 mix (feat. JJ White)
07 – Jamaica (feat. Water)
08 – One More Try (feat. Marti Caine)
09 – Walkin’ (feat. Argent)
10 – Rock and Sands (feat. Sebastian Santa Maria)
11 – Heart to Heart (feat. Kevin Finn)
12 – Ghosts (feat. B. Cullman)


Volume Six CD + Pin Badge


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